m5“Permafrost and climate” - it is a name of one of the working groups of the International Permafrost Association(IPA),
which studies effect of climate change on permafrost in the past, present and future.

Our site provides information about the history of Russian permafrost studying with names and portraits of the Russian North pioneers, modern permafrost observational data, the description of permafrost mathematical models and climate change forecasts.

You can also learn the сonsequences of the permafrost thawing, as it has significant effects on infrastructure in the North.

You can find information on how permafrost changes can affect a global climate.

Finally, everyone who never saw permafrost is welcome to have a look at the photos of this unique natural phenomenon in our gallery.

This web site contains the materials of scientific publications and the results of scientific researches carried out in the State Hydrological Institute and the University of Delaware (USA). We are grateful to everybody who has given the materials and photos.

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